About me

Name Jari Hovikorpi, born 1970 in Finland. Living now at Kotka next to Gulf of Finland. I have been diving since -86. Regularly like to do different diving disciplines. Like scuba-, technical-, freediving, spear fishing, underwater- rugby and -photography. Biggest stone so far I have reached is in underwater rugby. Which World Champion I am with national team of Finland from year 2007 in Bari Italy. I started my underwater photography career on 2005 with Nikon DSLR´s and Ikelite. I am still amateur with this hobby. Luckily I won 2010 Finnish underwater photography competition title. In underwater photography I like challenges to adapt in different water conditions. From pool and tropic to cold and muddy waters that can be found here at home – below Gulf of Finland. I regularly try to update my Underwater Gallery with short stories.