Wrecks of Svensksund, Kotka, Finland

In 1790 war between Russia and Sweden was on the fire. On 9th July - 12500 Swedish seamen and ~200 ships were waiting Russians with 1000 canons to attack in the front of Kotka, Svensksund. Russians were numerous with their ships (~240), seamen (14000) and cannons (1200). But with tactic and luck Swedish King Gustav III, get his biggest victory ever. Since that there has been numerous wrecks and and artifacts form the battle in the bottom of Svensksund. Due area is quite near city of Kotka and there is Kymi river carrying fine sediments, visibility in these sites is often quite poor. Here are some underwater pictures form war site, taken between 2007-2013. Underwater models are: Tero, Pekka, Lari and Jani.