2013 December - Red Sea, Sudan

We changed plan - instead of spring time we went start of winter to Red Sea - off season time. Whole dive holiday was organiced by DTF and Izmo:) who did great job with us. Route to Port Sudan went troug Duabai where some of our group lost almost all their money. Our safari boat was named Don Questo and navigated by Italian captain Lorenzo with DM Maurizio. As expected we had not so mutch sun and rough seas - bad visibility on the south plato - no sharks. North plato always very rough waves and high current - better visibility and some sharks. I promise, this was last time I visit Red Sea at off season. Next time June - just dreaming :) As a cherry o nthe top, whole deal was creamed with Jalla Jalla. Dive plan was like last time: Umbria, Shaa Rumi and Sanganep reef. Our diving squad were: Petri, Mikko, Jorma, Päivi, Joppe, Jave, Mukala Bukala, Jorma, Pekka, Petteri, Jouko, Pekka, Timo, Markus and Izmo. Thanx for all.